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The Church of the Word

A Comparative Study of Word, Church and Office in the Thought of Karl Rahner and Gerhard Ebeling


John B. Ackley

This book illuminates the nature and locus of authority in the Lutheran-Catholic ecumenical dialogue by comparing the concepts of Word of God, church and office in the thought of Catholic theologian Karl Rahner (1904-1984) and Lutheran theologian Gerhard Ebeling (1912- ). The study examines the ontological, anthropological, linguistic and hermeneutical principles underlying their positions. The result is the discovery of some areas of surprising convergence as well as fundamental differences. Finally, the author proposes how, despite deep differences, Rahner's and Ebeling's views are complementary rather than contradictory.
Contents: This study in ecumenical hermeneutics critically compares Catholic and Lutheran doctrines of the church. It focuses on fundamental differences and suggests how they might be reconciled.