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Identifying Crime Correlates in a Developing Society

A Study of Socio-economic and Socio-demographic Contributions to Crime in Jamaica, 1950-1984


Hyacinthe Ellis

Aware that special features of Third World crime such as underdevelopment and Dependency are largely ignored in Criminological Literature, the author has adopted a structuralist framework for the explanation of socio-economic, socio-demographic and crime linkages observed during 3½ decades of crime increase in Jamaica.
Identifying Crime Correlates follows simple but rigorously applied statistical procedures which are relevant in situations where data based on official record-keeping are assumed to lack sophistication. Conclusions challenge the general applicability of criminological theories developed for advanced societies.
Contents: This book features (a) the use of de-trending correlation and regression techniques to establish crime correlates (GDP, FPI, AGE, Police) in Jamaica (b) the explanation of discernable linkages in the framework of socio-cultural and situational contengencies. Crimes considered are Shooting, Robbery, Burglary, Total Crime reported.