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An Essay in Utopian Vision


Prof. Francis Golffing and Barbara Gibbs

Possibility is a work of general sociological and philosophical import addressed both to academics and to enquiring lay readers. Drawing on a wide variety of disciplines, the authors develop the possibilities - and to an extent the actual configurations - of a global society of the future. The book deals with the principal aspects of human experience in a double perspective: the perspective of «things as they are» and of «things as they might be». The authors' extrapolations are bold, their conclusions challenging, even at times shocking. While they project a vision of a desirable global order, they also offer unexpected insight into the problems of today's world.
Contents: The psycho-physical continuum - Concept formation and symbol formation - «Housekeeping» and «householding» - Creating the person - How Utopia works - Questions and answers - «Getting there and staying there».