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Throwing the Scabbard Away

Byron's Battle Against the Censors of "Don Juan</I>


Prof. Robinson Blann

Throwing the Scabbard Away is an intriguing study of the writing of Don Juan (1818-1824) by self-exiled Lord Byron and particularly his managing to get the provocative masterpiece into print despite the forces determined to censor its satiric truth-telling. Thoroughly researched, the book explains historically why the publication of Don Juan was so controversial and why it met with such fervid resistance. Chronologically following the 6-part publication of the 16 completed cantos, the author investigates the material that was considered for censorship and Byron's fiery epistolary responses to those structures. In its broadest context, this work shows that Byron's battle with the censors was not just so much braggadocio from the world-famous poet but an integral part of his lifelong struggle for freedom.