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Faith and Finality

Collected Essays in German Literature


John Whiton

Important works of major German authors are given detailed, in-depth analysis in this wide-ranging and original study. Going from Wieland and Lessing in the 18th to Thomas Mann in the 20th century, the book encompasses representatives of the Enlightenment, Storm and Stress, Romanticism, Biedermeier and Realism. Emphasis is placed on religious aspects which impinge upon ultimate questions. Hence the book's title.
Contents: Analyses of Wieland: Die Abderiten - Lessing: Minna von Barnhelm, Emilia Galotti, Nathan der Weise - H.L. Wagner: Die Kindermörderin - Arnim: Der tolle Invalide - Stifter: Bergkristall - Thomas Mann: Wälsungenblut, Der Tod in Venedig - Hoerner: Die Kutscherin des Zaren, Die letzte Kugel.