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Person and Religion

An Outline of the Philosophy of Religion


Zofia J. Zdybicka

The book contains a description of the phenomenon of religion as a personal experience, socio-cultural fact, and ontic relations between the human person and God. The second part is a presentation of contemporary interpretations of religion which, although they do not explain all religious phenomena, nonetheless have sociological and psychological bases. The most significant part concerns the ontic foundations of religion, namely, the existential situation of the human being who can recognize himself and who recognizes at the same time his finitness and transcendence. Special at tention is given to the role of religion in culture, specifically in regard to science, morality and art. The book also contains an analysis of many different methodological approaches to the philosophy of religion.
Contents: Philosophy of religion, sciences of religion, religion in relation to science, culture, art, and God - The definition of religion, metaphysical foundation of religion.