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Bringing Heaven Down to Earth

A Practical Spirituality of Work


Eric Steven Dale

Utilizing a wellspring of sources, Eric Dale provides in this unique study a contemporary spirituality of work both practical and wholistic in which there is no separation between contemplation and action, between the so-called spiritual life and the realities of everyday worklife. Exploring the relevance of human labor to community life, and of aesthetics to work and human fulfillment, he demonstrates the need for re-evaluating both spirituality and work and for resacralizing all of life. Bringing Heaven Down to Earth helps re-claim for all people today the Christian spiritual tradition, East and West, by highlighting its universal themes of worship and service with practical applicability.
Contents: Bringing Heaven Down to Earth develops a practical spirituality of work. Relational and wholistic in approach, it critically examines the interfacing of art, worship, and service as they relate to everyday work and human transformation.