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Peirce and Law

Issues in Pragmatism, Legal Realism, and Semiotics


Roberta Kevelson

This is the first collection of papers on the general topic of Peirce and Law to be compiled in a single volume. Peirce's theory of signs, assumed to be seminal for modern semiotics and especially for legal semiotics, is the unifying focus for these crossdisciplinary studies in Peirce's philosophy and theories of law. Peirce's Pragmatism, his Normative Sciences, his influences on various schools of jurisprudence, and on general semiotics are all discussed here in rich detail by distinguished scholars. This volume includes papers presented at the Peirce Sesquicentennial Congress, in the Special Session on Peirce and Law, and related papers as well.
The Editor: Roberta Kevelson received her Ph.D. from Brown University and introduced the Peircean-based approach to Legal Semiotics during her Postdoctoral tenure at Yale University, 1977-1979. Kevelson is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Penn State, where she established and directs the Center for semiotic Research in Law, Government and Economics. Among Kevelson's recently published books are The Law as a System of Signs and Peirce, Praxis, Paradox. At present, Kevelson is completing the first book-length study of Peirce's Esthetics.