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The Formation of the Italian Republic

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Postwar Italy


Frank J. Coppa and Margherita Repetto-Alaia

The essays in this volume focus on the political and intellectual forces in the formation of the Italian Republic as well as the crucial institutional issues which emerged in post World War II Italy. There is an emphasis on the men and women who left their mark on the Reconstruction and the religious and economic factors that contributed to the modernization of Italy. Included are discussions of political Catholicism, the role of the Socialists and Communists, as well as the contributions of the lay parties and forces in the making of the Republic. Italian relations with the United States, the part played by organized labor, and the impact of the women's movement are also explored.
Contents: Twenty three essays on the political, social, religious, intellectual and economic Reconstruction of Italy in the post World War II period and the parties and movements in the formation of the Italian Republic.