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God, Race, Myth and Power

An Africanist Corrective Research Analysis


Emmanuel K. Twesigye

This book represents an Africanist corrective analysis of research, in respect to the African-American historical and religious experience, beginning with Africa. The book analyzes the depressing negative impact of the domineering patriarchal Western ethnocentrism, racism and sexism on education, the media, scholarship, research and publications, religion, history and the African- American experience. The central argument is that the Western White supremacist racism both in the society and the academia has culminated in the prevailing Eurocentric, ethnocentric and racist worldview which has tragically led to imperialism, injustice, colonialism, slavery, oppression and exploitation of women and the non-White peoples, who were often manipulated and controlled through propaganda, miseducation, religious myths and negative conditioning to hate themselves.