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An Analysis of Ice Age Art

Its Psychology and Belief System


Noel W. Smith

The drawings of animals and strange symbols that people of the Ice Age of 15,000 years ago placed in caves and rock shelters in Western Europe continue to intrigue us. What mysteries did the caves hold that induced people to traverse their hazards, discomforts, and darkness for the opportunity to engrave and paint pictures on the walls? This book shows how the psychological concepts and shamanistic beliefs of hunter-gatherers match a number of characteristics of the drawings. Over 150 illustrations from the caves indicate the patterns that support the argument for links between animals and humans. The author brings us closer to understanding the nature of life and its most profound meanings for our forerunners of so many thousands of years ago.
Contents: An analysis of Ice Age cave art of France and Spain finds patterns that show that the art was linking humans with animals and that it corresponds to shamanistic beliefs and psychological concepts of hunter-gatherers.