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A Study of Heinrich Ott's Theological Development

His Hermeneutical and Ontological Programme


Colin B. O'Connell

A prominent concern for twentieth century theology is the task of interpreting the biblical message into terms that speak to contemporary experience. The contribution of Heinrich Ott to the hermeneutical task is widely acknowledged for its striking originality and insight. Karl Barth's successor in Systematic Theology at the University of Basel, Ott has devoted his theological programme to bridging the gap between theory and praxis in the contemporary life of the Church. Dr. O'Connell offers a comprehensive assessment of Ott's hermeneutic by tracing its development from its inception to the present.
Contents: This book is a critical study and assessment of the development of Heinrich Ott's theology. It examines the relationship between Ott's hermeneutic and his theological ontology, and his movement away from a Barthian theology toward one that is more Bultmannian.