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The Beginning of the Gospel According to Saint John

Philosophical Reflections


James Mensch

The question of how to read the Bible is a perennial one. How do we interpret the God who claims to transcend our human categories? The difficulty is particularly acute in John's Gospel with its account of a man, Jesus, who claims to be God. Based on the principle that a text can present the radically transcendent only by disrupting itself, this book considers not just the sense of the Gospel, but also the breakdown of this sense. Focusing on its failure to humanly locate its central character and on the many misunderstandings which surround him, it presents a new approach to the Gospel's paradoxes. The result is a new definition of this sacred text based on a new hermeneutics.
Contents: Relation of Word to God - The Incarnation - Seeing and horizon - Spirit - Existence and creative love - Resurrection of the body - Hermeneutical circle - Definition of the sacred.