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Source Book of Self-Discipline: A Synthesis of «Moralia in Job» by Gregory the Great

A Translation of Peter Waltham's «Remediarium Conversorum»


Joseph J. Gildea O.S.A.

Those interested in the study of medieval civilization who rebel against the notion of the «Dark Ages» owe it to themselves to become acquainted firsthand with a twelfth-century tour de force, Peter of Waltham's Remediarium Conversorum, a creative synthesis of the Moralia in Job written six centuries earlier. The magnum opus of Gregory the Great, the Pope who sent Augustine of Canterbury as a missionary to Anglia, deserves continuing attention. Peter of Waltham's rendering was unquestionably popular during the Middle Ages, and the usefulness of his approach is no less patent to the modern reader.
Contents: The synthesis is a treatise on vices: suggestions of the devil, sin, vices, the rich, the reprobate, punishment - Virtues: God's grace, penitence, the virtues, prelates, the just, glory of the just.