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The Prayer Texts of Luke-Acts


Steven F. Plymale

Prayer plays a definitive role in the writings of Luke, for it is the means whereby God directs and empowers Israel, Jesus, and the Church to know and accomplish the divine will. Employing the sanctioning power of prayer texts, a method Luke encountered in his Hebrew and Greco-Roman prayer heritage, Luke-Acts uses its eleven explicit prayer texts to present the distinctively Lucan understanding of God's plan of salvation, the divine method for activating that plan, and the proper human response to God.
Luke's full theology of prayer is offered through statements about prayer and those who pray, as well as explicit prayer texts. Confident in God's willingness to hear and answer prayer, Luke's entire understanding of prayer centers on the divine plan of salvation and the role the faithful have within that plan.
Contents: The Prayer Texts of Luke-Acts begins with a thorough review of scholar-ship. Each of Luke's eleven explicit prayer texts is then examined in detail. The book concludes with a summary of Luke's theology of prayer.