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Lectures on Metaphysics, 1934-1935

Edited by Alice Ambrose


Alice Ambrose Lazerowitz

These notes of G. E. Moore's lectures for the three terms of 1934-1935 were compiled by Alice Ambrose, then Student of Newnham College, and Margaret Macdonald, then Fellow of Girton College. The lectures cover a wealth of interrelated topics, and provide instances of the analyses which made Moore «the father of the analytic school.» Since his analyses of such concepts as material objects, sense data, and truth rest on the ordinary use of expressions for these concepts, «ordinary language» philosophers found in him their champion. Moore examines the views of Broad, Russell, F. P. Ramsey, W. E. Johnson, and John Wisdom.
Contents: The nature of material objects, and the relation of sense data to them, propositions, types and tokens, truth and falsity as properties of judgments, the correspondence theory of truth, definite descriptions.