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Myths and Realities of French Imperialism in India, 1763-1783


Sudipta Das

This is an objective and well-documented reinterpretation of the French presence in India during one of the most critical and decisive periods of Anglo-French global relations. A stimulating study based on a careful combing of not readily accessible archival sources as well as contemporary and current printed materials, it unfolds the real nature of French objectives in India in the backdrop of French global policy after 1763. As the author extensively documents, French policy was uniquely non-imperialistic in India after the Seven Years' War. The prevailing belief that the Anglo-French confrontation in India was primarlily a conflict for an Indian empire has been clearly revealed for what it always was: a myth.
Contents: This volume underscores the non-imperialistic nature of French objectives and activities in India after 1763. The Seven Years' War generated a radical change in French global policy and with it a new and unique role for the French in India.