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Domination, Dependence, Denial and Despair

Father-Daughter Relationships in Grillparzer, Hebbel and Hauptmann


Charles Good

Familial relationships have been a frequent topic throughout the history of German literature. The father-daughter relationship is an important example. Domination, Dependence, Denial and Despair combines an analysis of sociological, historical and psychological aspects of this relationship and an examination of four eighteenth-century German plays with extraordinarily close readings of the nineteenth-century dramas. The work shows how the fathers attempt to dominate their daughters and force societal norms on them. The daughters' reactions range from dependence to denial, ending their individuation process in despair.
Contents: This work describes the father's domination of his daughter as he seeks to ensure her adherence to rules of his society. The daughter's reaction includes dependence on the father, denial of the rules, and despair as she seeks to realize her own individuation.