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Italy's Ultramodern, Experimental Lyrics

Corpo 10


Justin Vitiello

This anthology of Corpo 10 poets includes some of the «brightest lights» on today's Italian cultural scene. These new voices resonate with linguistic originality and, at the same time, enflesh Pier Paolo Pasolini's idea of poetry: a process of critical and radical revisioning of the world, the sine qua non in the remaking of a genuine culture. Translated with a firm grasp of meaning, rhythm, musicality, verbal idiosyncrasies and poetic nuances by one of their fellow-innovators, these poets come alive in the American idiom. In his critical introduction, the translator also analyzes and affirms the significance of their ground-breaking work in the context of the post-WWII Italian «politics of experimental poetic movements».
Contents: This book is a critical introduction to and bi-lingual anthology of sixteen of Italy's youngest and most radically innovative poets. All published since 1985 by the prestigious Corpo 10 press, these authors speak in unique voices via Vitiello's accurate, poetic translations.