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The Politics of Power


Ike Okonto

One of the most astonishing feats of recent Nietzsche scholarship is that it is able to transform the theory of the will to power into a doctrine of selfmastery. With a few exeptions, there is almost a consensus among Nietzsche scholars that the theory of the will to power does not culminate in the vision of a new power politics. But how does a theory designed to undermine the democratic and socialist ideals of equal rights and equal justice suddenly become transformed into a doctrine of self-mastery? This fascinating book confronts the issue of whether or not the theory of the will to power has a political content. It offers astonishing new insights into Nietzsche's political philosophy and maps out an outline of a Nietzschean politics power.
Contents: 1. The will to power and the problem of self-mastery. 2. The Genealogy of Politics. 3. The New Aristocracy.