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Business Ethics and the Law

Beyond Compliance


William W. May

This book contains the Rockwell Lectures delivered at Rice University in February, 1989. What should a business firm do when its activities are within the law, yet potentially harmful? Each of the lectures is built around a case, reflecting the ethical dilemma faced by business managers when doing more than the law requires, which may mean substantial loss of profit. With the issue of dial-a-porn, telephone companies were faced with conflicting interests of protecting children against harm, preserving free speech, and profit. In a property sales case, a potential flooding problem could result in substantial financial loss to the purchaser and damage to condominiums. In a case where the complete bid of a competitor had been obtained and the law was murky, winning a contract was pitted against fairness and honesty.
Contents: Business Ethics and Law, Obligations Beyond Compliance - Limits of Employee Loyalty, Disclosure - Rights in Conflict - The Meaning of Integrity, Proprietary Information.