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Light of Learning

Selected Essays of Morton W. Bloomfield 1970-1986

Elizabeth Walsh

Morton W. Bloomfield was a great mind dedicated not only to the study of literature, his professed field, but even more to the multi-dimensional human reality which literature represents. Professor Bloomfield published articles in numerous journals in the United States, in England, Israel, and Africa. This gathering presents the reflections of the last 17 years of his life, those published after Essays and Explorations until his death in 1987. The essays included represent some of his favorite topics: Chaucer, Medieval Thought, Judaism, Contemporary Thought and Theory.
Contents: This collection of essays includes philosophical reflections on several of the Canterbury Tales, Wycliff, and Joachim of Fiore. It also represents Morton Bloomfield's concern with the study of language, with figural modes, figures of speech, and literary theorizing, past and present.