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Tutankhamun and the Sporting Traditions


Zaki El Habashi

This book traces the sporting traditions in ancient Egypt from the Prehistoric period to the time of King Tutankhamun. Survival and utilitarian activities evolved and developed over hundreds of centuries into recreative activities. During Tutankhamun's Eighteenth Dynasty, Egypt enjoyed prosperity and a high standard of living. Participation in sporting activities became a tradition mainly among the pharaohs and members of the top social class. About thirty-six percent of all kings are recognized as sportsmen. Tutankhamun's tomb reflected this sporting tradition; Carter, the discoverer, found a great amount of sporting equipment. He also found ritual, symbolic, and other scenes portraying the young King as a sportsman.
Contents: Hunting-gathering activities for survival in prehistoric times began to evolve into recreation, early in the archaic Period. Development continued and in Tutankhamun's Eighteenth Dynasty a sporting tradition became apparent.