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The Subject Finds a Voice

Foucault's Turn Toward Subjectivity


Deborah Cook

Commentators on Michel Foucault's work have had great difficulty reconciling Foucault's political writings and engagements with his «iron cage» theory of disciplinary society. This collection of essays shows that Foucault's work has an emancipatory thematic which is not inconsistent with his theory. Linking Foucault's earlier work with his more politicised and later writings is his turn towards subjectivity. There is no power without resistance. Foucault's later history of ethics is designed to provide the theoretical foundation for the strategies and tactics of subjects who resist both power and knowledge in disciplinary society.
Contents: Madness and the Cogito: The Limit of Histories; Nietzsche, Foucault, Tragedy; Birth and Death of 'Man'; Foucault and the Body; Umbrellas, Laundry Bills and Resistance; Rebel with a Cause; Turn Towards Subjectivity.