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Social Ethics and the Return to Cosmology

A Study of Gibson Winter


Moni McIntyre

This book is an examination of the major writings of Gibson Winter in order to observe the development of his social ethics from his early individualist perspective to his most recent venture into the area of communal creationism. McIntyre's main area of interest is Winter's approach to cosmology and how he sees the human in relation to the rest of the universe. The author highlights Winter's ethic of mutuality in relation to his views on the family, society, and the cosmos. The book invites us to reflect upon our connection to the world and to take seriously our responsibility for it. This invitation is issued to each generation and calls us to listen to our deepest selves and to one another.
Contents: An analysis of the major works of Gibson Winter in order to determine the shifts he made in his thinking from 1958 to 1989 with special emphasis on his growing inclusivity.