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Japan and the United States

Global Dimensions of Economic Power


Earl Conteh-Morgan

This timely book offers a unique, comprehensive, and theoretical examination of cooperation and conflict, change and adaptation in United States-Japan relations in the context of the profound changes unfolding in the international system. It breaks new ground by offering astonishing new insights into Japan's new globalism and its intersection with U.S. security concerns, the interdependence of technology, the ongoing redefinition and reconceptualization of power and security, and the unfolding systemic changes in the context of hegemonic stability. In a wider sense, it also vividly underscores the political, military, and economic security interface of American and Japanese foreign policy concerns in developing countries.
Contents: This book analyzes globalism and interdependence in the US-Japan relationship in terms of hegemonic stability, mutual security, and regional entanglements in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.