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The Manifestation of Analogous Being in the Dialectic of the Space-Time Continuum

A Philosophical Study in Freedom


David A. Harris

This book is formidable work of philosophical synthesis. By introducing dialectical argumentation, it casts the problematic of analogous being in a new light. In the process it illuminates the main issues that arise in classical philosophy. The examination of the Pre-Socratics is especially important as introducing cosmological categories. These are taken up in a dialectical sequence that culminates in Kepler's Laws. The result is a metaphysical standpoint beyond mechanism. The physical world is understood not as a system of external relations but as an organic totality, self-determining and free.
Chapter I establishes the truth - infinitude - of being as analogous and Chapter II its falsity, its finitude as identity. Thereby Chapter III sublates empirical Mechanism in the dialectic of the space-time continuum.