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The Manifestation of Analogous Being in the Dialectic of the Space-Time Continuum

A Philosophical Study in Freedom


David A. Harris

This book is formidable work of philosophical synthesis. By introducing dialectical argumentation, it casts the problematic of analogous being in a new light. In the process it illuminates the main issues that arise in classical philosophy. The examination of the Pre-Socratics is especially important as introducing cosmological categories. These are taken up in a dialectical sequence that culminates in Kepler's Laws. The result is a metaphysical standpoint beyond mechanism. The physical world is understood not as a system of external relations but as an organic totality, self-determining and free.
The author: David A. Harris completed with distinction his Ph.D. in 1974 at The Catholic University of America. He has taught philosophy at Villanova and Seton Hall Universities. Beyond this, he has explored the roots of the human search for meaning through extensive field work in Central and South America, focusing upon the region of San Blas in Panama. Presently, he continues these interests in the southwestern United States. Through years of rigorous thought, Dr. Harris has been able to produce this work of metaphysical insight integrating our life and world and revealing their inner principles and dynamics.