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Mariano José de Larra

A Directory of Historical Personages


Alvin Sherman, Jr.

Throughout the decades following the death of Mariano José de Larra, scholars have been intrigued by the impact that both the man and his writings have had on generation after generation of Spanish and Latin American writers. This study looks at the genesis of Larra's genius by carefully tabulating and identifying his sources in literature and history. This important resource book will help Larra scholars understand more completely the intricate and complex system of images, allusions and references Fígaro used to compose his more than 250 newspaper articles. More importantly, the work provides yet another clue to understanding the thoughts, ideas and beliefs of a man whose influence continues to exert itself on Spanish letters.
Contents: A directory of historical and fictional personages that appear in the more than 250 newspaper articles published in Madrid by Mariano José de Larra between 1828-1837.