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Cicero's Return from Exile

The Orations <i>Post reditum</i>


John Nicholson

The two ceremonial speeches which Cicero gave in thanksgiving to the Roman senate and people upon his return from exile in 57 B.C. mark a major watershed in the career of Rome's greatest orator. This study explores the historical context of these orations and probes the major exigencies behind their composition. Particularly prominent are Cicero's political self-justifications designed to redeem his public reputation, and his expressions of thanks to the coalition of friends who secured his restoration. It also presents a rhetorical analysis of the contents and style of the speeches, and a brief evaluation of their ultimate impact, including a look at the colorful scholarly debate which once raged over their authenticity.
Contents: This full-scale study of Cicero's Orations Post reditum includes an examination of their authenticity, an exploration of their historical context and the principal exigencies behind their composition, and an analysis of their rhetorical strategy.