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Twice-Told Tales

Brunetto Latino and Dante Alighieri

Julia Holloway Bolton

Twice-Told Tales presents the life and writings of Dante Alighieri's maestro, the Florentine notary and diplomat, Brunetto Latino. The book first discusses archival documents found in Florence, the Vatican Secret Archives, Genoa, England and elsewhere, which were written by or which name Brunetto Latino. The documents concern, among other topics, the Vallombrosan Abbot Tesauro, the Sicilian Vespers' plotting, and the death by starvation of Ugolino. The book then discusses Brunetto's translations of Aristotle's Ethics and Cicero's De inventione, as texts presented to Charles of Anjou and others, as well as the influence of these texts on Dante. Appendices present the archival documents discussed in the book and list manuscripts containing Latino's writings.
Contents: Discussing the praxis and theory of Brunetto Latino, book gives biography of Brunetto Latino from archival documents and discusses literary influence of Latino upon Dante Alighieri.