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Life after Death?

Christian Interpretation of Personal Eschatology


Jay D. Robison

The state of the individual after death continues to be one of the great human questions. Life after Death? analyzes the interpretation of personal eschatology of five contemporary Christian theologians: Ladislaus Boros, a contemporary of Karl Rahner, Nels Ferré, Emil Brunner, Oscar Cullmann, and John Hick. The opening chapter deals with death rituals and customs as well as major philosophical interpretations of death. The final chapter compares and contrasts the theologians' ideas and includes the author's interpretation of personal eschatology.
The Author: Jay D. Robison is a minister in Paris, Kentucky. He received his Ph.D. in Theology from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He previously served as a teaching assistant in theology and philosophy. He has done postgraduate study at the University of Louisville and Vanderbilt University and earned his B.A. from Campbellsville University in Kentucky. He has also published in a wide variety of journals.