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Forging the King's Sword

Military Education Between Tradition and Modernization - The Case of the Royal Prussian Cadet Corps 1871-1918


John Moncure

The Royal Prussian Cadet Corps produced the élite of Prussia's and Germany's officers throughout its 250 year existence. Using a massive biographical database of its graduates, this unique study analyzes the education and socialization process in the school system during the Wilhelmine period. Moncure traces the conflict among the desire to maintain social cohesion in the aristocratic officer corps, the demands of the growing middle class, and the dictates of military competition in Europe. He offers insights into the attempts at resolution and the effects of the institution on the officer corps it produced.
Contents: Forging the King's Sword analyzes the selection and induction processes in the Royal Prussian Cadet Corps, critiques its education and leadership standards, and traces the results of the institution on its graduates and the armies of Prussia-Germany.