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La guerra dels Cristos i el cas de l'Emília- The War of the Christs and Emilia's Case

Translation and Introduction by Suzanne S. Hintz


Montserrat D. Solà-Solé

The War of the Christs and Emilia's case is the English translation of the contemporary Catalan mystery La Guerra dels Cristos i el cas de l'Emília. The reader is guided through the labyrinth of Catalan traditions and customs by John McProud, the novel's main character, who is an American professor conducting anthropological research on the religious beliefs of rural Catalonia. McProud becomes swept up in the investigation of Emilia's murder as his research on the regional religious customs becomes entangled in the young girl's tragic death. The presentation of Catalan culture and heritage is masterfully interwined with Emilia's pathetic demise to entertain the reader on a curious journey along the byways of the region. Josep M. Solà-Solé has created an intriguing plot which combines the culture and history of Catalonia, one of the autonomous regions of contemporary Spain, along with the enigmatic death of Emilia, one of its local residents.
Contents: Catalan - history - culture - religion Celestina - Tirant lo Blanc - Jaume Roig - Joanot Martorell - Dante - Fernando de Rojas - Don Juan - Intertextuality - Metafiction.