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Franz Mittler

Austro-American Composer, Musician, and Humorous Poet


Diana Mittler-Battipaglia

Franz Mittler (1893-1970) was a multi-talented post-Romantic Viennese musician. His contributions assume new importance, considering the current revival of interest in the culture and creative output of the earlier part of this century. Chapter I traces his European and American careers, with special emphasis on his activities with the renowned First Piano Quartet. Later chapters explore various aspects of his style, pedagogical contributions, and selections from his ingenious spoonerisms in both German and English. Appendices include a chronological index of his compositions, a listing of reviews, recordings, programs, letters, interviews, and other documents; several complete works and excerpts, some of which are in the composer's own handwriting; and a translation of his article recalling his experiences as accompanist and arranger for the Viennese satirist Karl Kraus.