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Sangallensia in Washington

The Arts and Letters in Medieval and Baroque St. Gall Viewed from the Late Twentieth Century

James C. King

Founded as a hermitage by the Irish monk Gallus in 612, the Abbey of St. Gall in Switzerland adopted the Rule of Saint Benedict in 747. In the Late Carolingian and Ottonian eras, the abbey was recognized throughout Western Europe for its cultural achievements. In this volume, American and European scholars explore the history of the abbey, its rebuilding in the Late Baroque period, the illumination of its manuscripts, the development of Gregorian chant, the writing of original Latin texts, the cultivation of the Old High German vernacular, and the liberal arts in the abbey school. Illustrations of documents, other texts, paintings, artifacts, and buildings accompany the essays. Ample bibliographical data point both generalists and specialists to additional readings.