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The Fall of the Mantle

The Educational Policy of the Rhodesia Front Government and Conflict in Zimbabwe


Prof. Dickson A. Mungazi

This study shows that the educational policy adopted by the Rhodesia Front Government that ruled Zimbabwe from 1962 to 1979 contributed significantly to the outbreak of the war of independence from 1966 to 1979. The Rhodesia Front was led by men of extreme political views that contributed to the creation of a national environment of major conflict between the RF and the Africans. In the RF's declaration of its major tenet, «No black majority government in a thousand years,» lay the seeds of a major national disaster which finally ended with the establishment of a black majority government in April 1980. The study is an account of how this happened.
Contents: Origins of Western education for Africans in Zimbabwe, conditions of life and education for Africans, Whitehead's political gamble and the rise of the RF political philosophy, the beginning of the RF's educational policy, RF's policy and church-state conflict, RF's educational policy and crisis in parliament, the fall of the mantle: the RF's educational policy and the war of independence, independence, educational innovation and the problems of the new thrust for national development.