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Adapted to the Lake

Letters by the Brother Founders of Notre Dame, 1841-1849-


Leipnitz & Partner and Georg Klawitter

In the first decade that the French Brothers of the Congregation of Holy Cross worked in the United States, they wrote letters back to their Superior General, Basil Moreau, in Le Mans. They also wrote to Edward Sorin at Notre Dame when, for one reason or another, they were away from their primary foundation in northen Indiana. Of the hundreds of letters written between 1841 and 1849, two hundred exist from twenty writers, reflecting the hardships and joys the pioneer Brothers experienced in a new world.

«The translation of these letters provides fertile research for historians interested in delving into the frequent struggles that beset religious educators as they pioneered into the opening frontier in mid-nineteenth century America. Klawitter offers scholars an opportunity to understand the severe limitations as well as the faith and motivation that these men had in their desire to establish a systematized educational experience for immigrant Catholic.» (Donald J. Stabrowski, University of Portland)
«In this volume, George Klawitter has brought together, in English translation, a number of useful primary sources for the history of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Catholic education in the United States and early Indiana history. Most of these letters have not previously been published and many have not even been cited.» (James T. Connelly, Indiana Province Archives) «It is a wonderful book, a great primary source for the early years - and a definite source of consolation to us today who face many similar conditions.» (M. Campion Kuhn, Holy Cross History)