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«The Fantastic Journeys of Baron Brambeus»

Translation and Introduction by Louis Pedrotti


Louis Pedrotti

Louis Pedrotti has undertaken the first English translation of the most popular and influential work of Osip Senkovsky, The Fantastic Journeys of Baron Brambeus. This translation is accompanied by extensive topical, historical and literary commentary and is an excellent example of Russian popular fiction of the 1830's and 40's. First appearing in 1833, these stories form a cornestone of early Russian science fiction. They anticipate, by more than 30 years, similar stories by Jules Verne. Like their author, they have languished under a cloud of neglect and official disapproval since they first appeared. In 1989 they were reprinted in Russia for the first time since 1859. This translation should appeal not only to science fiction fans, but also to those interested in the literary, social, political and cultural scenes in Russia during the first half of the 19th century.