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Augustine in Iconography

History and Legend- Edited by Joseph C. Schnaubelt and Frederick Van Fleteren- George Radan, Art Editor Joseph Reino, Literary Editor


Joseph C. Schnaubelt and Frederick van Fleteren

Augustine in Iconography: History and Legend has a threefold design: exploration of literary sources; reviews of pertinent archeology; and accounts of individual and cyclical illustrations. One hundred and thirty-two topics in the iconography of the bishop of ancient Hippo, both historical and legendary, are ascertained and analyzed; the historical and archeological background of Augustine's career, cult, and monastic influence are surveyed; four Augustinian cycles are examined; and various individual portraits of Augustine are studied.
Contents: Frederick Van Fleteren/Joseph C. Schnaubelt: Prolegomena - Frederick Van Fleteren/Joseph C. Schnaubelt: Literary Sources for the Iconography of Saint Augustine - Joseph C. Schnaubelt/Frederick Van Fleteren (transl.): Joannes Stiltingh: The Account in the Acta Sanctorum of the Body of St. Augustine - Silvia Lusuardi Siena: Il complesso episcopale di Milano e il battesimo di Agostino: un punto di vista archeologico - George Radan: The Basilica Pacis of Hippo - Robert J. Rowland, Jr.: The Sojourn of the Body of St. Augustine in Sardinia - Benedict Hackett: San Pietro in Ciel d'oro, Pavia - Ennio Brunori: L'Eremo della Trinità «de Centumcellis» - Annamaria Ducci: L'Eremo di Rupecava nei Monti Pisani: Tracce per una definizione di «storia globale» - Benedict Hackett: The Augustinian Hermitage of Lecceto - Diane Cole Ahl: The Life of Saint Augustine in San Gimignano - Edmund Colledge: The Augustine Screen in Carlisle Cathedral - George T. Radan: The Lecceto Frescoes: The Augustinian Cycle - Mark W. Sullivan: Tito Troja: An Augustine Cycle in Philadelphia - Patricia Fortini Brown: Carpaccio's St. Augustine in His Study: A Portrait Within a Portrait - Meredith J. Gill: «Remember Me at the Altar of the Lord»: Saint Monica's Gift to Rome - Kenneth B. Steinhauser: Augustin moralisé: Some Observations on Florence, Laurenziana, Plut. 12, Cod. 17 - Louise Marshall: Augustinian Exegesis in the Old Testament Cycle of the Chiesa del Tau, Pistoia - Charles R. Morscheck: Augustinian Influences in the Iconography of the Certosa di Pavia - Margaret Flansburg: The South Chapel Fresco Cycle of Sant'Agostino, Fabriano - Margaret Flansburg: The Sacristy Frescoes of Sant'Agostino, Montefalco.