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Three Plays by Isaac Chocrón

Translation and Critical Study by Barbara Younoszai and Rossi Irausquin-Johnson- With a foreword by Isaac Chocrón


Barbara Younoszai

Isaac Chocrón explores with depth and humor family relationships we are born into and those we choose. Clipper reflects a father's opposition to his son's artistic endeavors and his plans to send him to the U.S. to «make a man of him». The Ultimate Bliss and O.K. explore alternative family structures, introducing the threesome family unit. In The Ultimate Bliss, Paul, Leo and Pearl form a family, play word games, face stark realities and parent a child in common. In O.K., Mina, Angela and Frank profit from their threesome until buying and selling get out of hand; lyrics from Madame Butterfly suggest sacrifice and separation. Chocrón's focus on family is wistful, daring, slightly scandalous and very entertaining.