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Verse eines Amerika-Deutschen

The German and English Poetry of Gerhard Rudolf Schade


Richard Schade

The poetry of Gerhard Rudolf Schade was written between 1926 and the early 1980s. He focused on the immigrant experience as well as on the persons, places and considerations of a German in the United States. The poetry is regional, to the extent that Schade writes of his German homeland of Silesia and of his American homeland, New Hampshire. The poetry documents the creativity of a bilingual author as beholden to Robert Frost as to turn-of-the-century German literature.

«The poetry of Gerhard Rudolf Schade speaks to the reader on many levels. There is the recently arrived German immigrant who sees his Silesian homeland mirrored in American landscapes and personalities. There is the German-American who thoughtfully considers the issues of the day (1926-1980s), from war to space travel. There is the Yankee gentleman farmer who loves his woods and meandering stonewalls, all the while seeing in them some greater plan. Schade's literary voice is an unusual joining of two national traditions. His work deserves our attention.» (Don Heinrich Tolzmann, University of Cincinnati)
«The New German-American Studies series has published a volume of poetry by Gerhard Rudolf Schade (1906 to present) that provides a unique insight into the experiences of a German immigrant in the United States.» (David H. Bryan, Focus on Literature)