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The Crisis of Lower Middle Class Vienna, 1848-1892

A Study of the Works of Friedrich Schlögl


Jo Ann M. Fuess

The Viennese feuilletonist Friedrich Schlögl (1821-1892) was a self-styled social commentator and cultural critic. Schlögl was a native Viennese petty bureaucrat, who focused primarily on life and culture in the lower half of the Viennese social spectrum. His pointed sketches (Wiener Skizzen) of everyday Viennese life were designed to be educational as well as descriptive and entertaining. This is the first comprehensive analysis of the thematic scope andsignificance of Schlögl's works. It provides valuable insight into Viennese culture and society in the half-century before the fin-de-siècle and introduces the reader to the Viennese feuilleton.