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The Catalan Contexts of Columbus

Proceedings of the Third Catalan Symposium- (Volume in Memory of Maria Guitart i Ribas)


Montserrat D. Solà-Solé

This volume contains a collection of twelve papers that were read at the Third Catalan Symposium, held in October 1992, under the auspices of the Center for Catalan Studies at The Catholic University of America. Under the topic of «The Catalan Contexts of 1492,» contributions were made by the following American scholars: Eric J. Berryman, Patricia J. Boehne, Peter Cocozzella, Peter W. Dickson, Roberto J. González-Casanovas, Charles J. Merill, Geoffrey W. Ribbans, Irving M. Sorkin, and Josep M. Solà-Solé. Also participating were representatives from the Centre d'Estudis Colombins in Barcelona: Francesc Albardané, Jordi Bilbeny, Joan Castellar-Gassol, Jordi Gàlvez, and Nito Verdera. The volume is divided into two main sections: «Subtext of Discovery and Conquest,» comprised of four papers dealing with the Catalan culture in the fifteenth century, and «Origins of Christopher Columbus,» which includes eight contributions dealing mainly with the question of the possible Catalan and Jewish origins of the great navigator.
This volume is dedicated to the memory of Maria Guitart i Ribas, a native of Barcelona. Dr. Guitart i Ribas received a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from The Catholic University of America and was constantly involved in the activities of the Center for Catalan Studies.