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Alien Cantica - An American Journey (1964-1993)

Edited and translated by Luigi Bonaffini


Luigi Bonaffini and Giose Rimanelli

After Carmina blabla (1967), Poems Make Pictures (1971), Arcano (1990) and Moliseide (1992), and now with Alien Cantica it has become very clear that Rimanelli's poetic universe - with its attendant linguistic/experimental roots of meter and rhythm - has gained definitive form and awareness in America: in order to celebrate both this great acquired mother, America, and poetry itself, with its wealth of images and ramifications. The figure of Sonny Boy (Bambolino) in Alien Cantica, who appears as the Author's alter ego, sings with stark restlessness and exultation of freedom and nature in his extraordinary voyage of rediscovery.