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Modern Catalan Literature

Proceedings of the Fourth Catalan Symposium


Montserrat D. Solà-Solé

This volume is the fruit of the Fourth Catalan Symposium, held at The Catholic University of America (October 16 and 17, 1993), under the auspices of its Center for Catalan Studies. The topics treated in the Fourth Catalan Symposium - and assembled here together - range from general studies on modern Catalan poetry (Boehne), to more specific studies on a poet (Cocozzella on Agustí Bartra), a particular poem (Solà-Solé on El cant espiritual), a novel (Guasch on a novel by Antònia Vicens, and González-Casanovas on a novel by Lluís Racionero) and modern Catalan folktales (Neugaard). The correspondence between the Catalan women writers Mercè Rodoreda and Anna Murià is analyzed (Benejam Cobb), and the stylistic relationship between Pere Calders and Julio Cortázar (Barberà) is also discussed. The volume concludes with a presentation of the English translations of two poetical works by the modern Catalan poets Olga Xirinacs and Miquel Martí i Pol.