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Romanticism and Beyond

A Festschrift for John F. Fetzer


Clifford A. Bernd, Ingeborg Henderson and Winder McConnell

Romanticism and Beyond is a collection of scholarly essays on German Romanticism by leading experts from all over the world in honor of John F. Fetzer. It includes contributions by Clifford A. Bernd, Christopher Clason, Brian Coghlan, Barbara Elling, Lilian R. Furst, Ulrich Gaier, Roland Hoermann, Gerhart Hoffmeister, Helmut Koopmann, Karl Menges, Géza von Molnár, Helene M. Kastinger Riley, and Erika Tunner.
Contents: A Tribute to John F. Fetzer - Unruhe in Stallwang. Ein Versuch über Clemens Brentano - Heine als Exilant in Paris - Romantic Anti-Foundationalism and the Theory of Chaos - Goethe and Critical Philosophy: The Wissenschaftslehre as Supplement to his Kant-Studies - Goethe's Masked Masque in Das Märchen - Theatrical Anticipations of Romanticism's Self-Reflexive Peril - In Search of the Blue Flower: Novalis in New England, 1800-1850 - Automatons and Animals: Romantically Manipulating the Chain of Being in E.T.A. Hoffmann's «Der Sandmann» and Kater Murr - E.T A. Hoffmanns Rezeption in den Literaturgeschichten des 19. Jahrhunderts - «Wir alle sind, was wir gelesen ...»: Eichendorffs Marmorbild - The Suppression of Romanticism in Germany - Reflections of German Romanticism in Nineteenth-Century South Carolina: William Henry Timrod's Gesellschaftskunst - Realistic Pathologies and Romantic Psychosomatics in Thomas Mann's Buddenbrooks - On Trying to Bury Wagner - Publications of John F. Fetzer.