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Law and Literature Perspectives


Bruce L. Rockwood

Law and Literature as a term has a variety of meanings: the study of law and legal issues in literature; the use of literature to shape and explore our understandings of law; law as a form of literature; the use of parables and narratives to make legal arguments; the legal regulation of literature; and the use of literary theory to examine legal texts are a few examples. Through classic and contemporary voices, this book shows what Law and Literature means, and what its emergence as a field may contribute to our common understanding of law, justice, and human nature in the twenty-first century.
Contents: Bruce L. Rockwood: Introduction: On Doing Law and Literature - Alma Jean Billingslea-Brown: The «Blight of Legalized Limitation» in Alice Childress's Wedding Band - Ervene Gulley: «Dressed in a Little Brief Authority»: Law as Theater in Measure for Measure - M.A.R. Habib: Aesthetics and Justice in Plato's Republic - Hilde Hein: Law and Order in Art and Law - Elizabeth Perry Hodges: The Letter of the Law: Reading Hawthorne and the Law of Adultery - Robert P. Lawry: Justice in Billy Budd - Joel Levin: The Measure of Law and Equity: Tolerance in Shakespeare's Vienna - Farida Majid: Law, Literature and Islam: The Misbegotten Cultural, Historical, and Semiotic Parameters - William Pencak: Swift Justice: Gulliver's Travels as a Critique of Legal Institutions - Marion Petrillo: Law as Society: Nadine Gordimer's The Late Bourgeois World - Bruce L. Rockwood: Abortion Stories: Uncivil Discourse and «Cider House Rules» - W.T. Scott: Proverbs, Postmodernity, and Unacknowledged Legislation - Kathryn Temple: Law's Hidden Face: Reading Narrative Jurisprudence and its Critics - Garry Wamser: The Scarlet Contract: Puritan Resurgence, the Unwed Mother, and Her Child - Mark S. Weiner: Hope and History: One Approach to James Boyd White's Communitarian Practice - Willem J. Witteveen: Cicero Tells a Story on Narration and Rhetorical Reflection.