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States, Citizens, and Questions of Significance

Tenth Round Table on Law and Semiotics


John Brigham and Roberta Kevelson

The Tenth Round Table on Law and Semiotics was the first Round Table «on the Road» in Amherst and it celebrates a decade of semiotic scholarship on law. This volume is a report from that gathering and reflects its general focus as well as the specific theme - the context of cultures, identity, immigration and their literatures. A number of other crosscurrents - such as the meaning of semiotics and the reach of our endeavor, the uses of history and analytic techniques, and creative play with love and humor - will be evident. Perhaps the ongoing interest in what semiotics is will turn out to be the characteristic feature of this volume. Newcomers want to know what they are getting into and veterans are generally happy with new blood. These orientations are all evident. The result, evident in the diversity of papers, is another thematic current - how far one can stray and still be part of the community.
Contents: John Brigham: Introduction: At the Roundtable - David S. Caudill: When You're a Semiotican - John Brigham: From the Matz Patrol to the Free Speech Movement - Denis Brion: Saying the Law: The Rhetoric of Power - Paul Chevigny: On What Judges Should Not Say About the Police - George Enteen: Russian Literature versus Legal Consciousness - Peter Goodrich: The Letter of the Law - Christopher Berry Gray: Legal Formalism: Its Semiotic Engagement - Hilde Hein: Legal Practice and Aesthetic Theory: The Case of Copyright - Roberta Kevelson: Civil Membership: Pragmatism, Semiotics, and the Jural State - Joel Levin: Two Concepts of Contract - Frederick P. Lewis: The New Libertarianism and its Challenges - Eileen L. McDonagh: From Choice to Consent in the Abortion Debate - Alison Olson: The 'Refugee Issue' in England 1550-1800 - Paul A. Passavant: Salman Rushdie: A Sign of the Times - William Pencak: Stability Through Segregation: Loyalist Refugees in Canada - Geoffrey Plank: A More Modest Proposal? British Imperial Policy - Bruce L. Rockwood: Nat Turner's Confessions and Other Texts - C. Robert Venator Santiago: Porto Rico: Law, Space and Identity - Sybil Schlesinger: A Wittgensteinian Investigation of Legal Interpretation, Skepticism and Nihilism - Paul J. van den Hoven: New Wineskins/New Wine: A Pragmalinguistic Analysis of a Metaphor about Evolving Concepts in Law - Mark S. Weiner: Lenny Bruce and the Limits of Free Speech.