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Mental Disease in History

A Selection of Translated Readings


J. Thomas Dalby

This edited volume of nineteen articles brings for the first time to an English speaking audience the work of important writers in the Spanish, French, and German who note the concepts and treatments of mental disease in the past. Important influence on our modern concepts of mental illness are presented in a fresh perspective.
Contents: J.P. Gueguen: History of the concept of schizophrenia - W. Janzarik: The concept of schizophrenia - C. Scharfetter: An examination of the history of concepts of schizophrenia - L. Bellomo: The schizophrenic defect - E. Gomez: The treatment of the chronic patient - D. Moreau: Fear and madness - J. Alliez, J.-P. Huber: Acedia or the depressed between sin and illness - M. Henne: Schizophrenia isn't what it used to be - M. Bleuler: The origin and significance of Eugen Bleuler's work: «Dementia praecox: or the group of schizophrenias» - C. Scharfetter: Psychic vulnerability - U. H. Peters: The German school of schizophrenia theory and the emigration of psychiatrists from Germany between 1933-1938 - E. la Crece: The concept of madness in classical Greece - C. Kläui: From insane poor to poor insane: an examination of the insane and insanity in baroque Rome - M. Granek: The concept of madness and its implications in Talmudic literature and exegeses - F.P. Larraya: Madness and witchcraft in the times of the inquisition in the Rio de Plata - F. Furukawa, M. Bourgeois: Frenzies of possession by the fox of Japan - C. Müller: Historical reminiscences: The schizophrenic psychosis of the Empress of Mexico - J. E. Meyer, R. Meyer: Self-testimony of a schizophrenic about 1800.